Alison Moore

Writer of fiction,
from novels to a story on a postcard


Sunny and the Wicked Lady

Sunny and the Wicked Lady

'The language and structure of the story are perfectly pitched to engage young readers whilst avoiding condescension. Indeed, there is plenty to entertain readers of all ages. The adventures related are enhanced by the wonderful illustrations. Along with the previous books in the series, this is a story of bravery and friendship that I highly recommend.'
Jackie Law, Never Imitate

'It is a charming little story about a boy and his friendly ghosts. It has a simple plotline that children will be able to follow easily. These are not scary ghosts, rather they share some of the foibles and flaws of normal human beings and there are even parts that made me laugh, so I can imagine that children will love it too.'
Halfman, Halfbook

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