Alison Moore

Writer of fiction,
from novels to a story on a postcard


Sunny and the Wicked Lady

Sometimes, a story you read or hear will be total fiction, pure fantasy, make believe, a fabrication, a fable, a yarn. And sometimes it won't.

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Sunny and the Hotel Splendid

Sometimes, a sound in an empty room is just a breeze coming in through an open window, billowing a curtain, toppling a vase, scattering some papers, slamming a door. And sometimes it's not.

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Sunny and the Ghosts

Sometimes, when you open a door or lift a lid, you find exactly what you expected to find: coats in the coat cupboard, bread in the bread bin, toys in the toy box. And sometimes you don't.

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Jessie cut her old wedding dress down to size, hemmed it just below the knee, and dyed it blue.

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The Pre-War House and Other Stories

In the front garden, in the narrow beds, the flowers which emerged in what felt like the first days of spring lie buried beneath the late snow, their opening buds like small mouths gaping in shock, their stems broken.

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